Have you ever watched red carpet ceremonies, and longed to dress the stars? Me neither. But many do, and while many probably wish to dress goddesses like Angelina Jolie or Cate Blanchett, Jay is Games decided Morgan Freeman would be far more fun. So they have deigned their own Super Dress Up Morgan Freeman game, where you can dress the Oscar winner in flashy and fashionable ensembles. You may also suffer nightmares from the illustration of Freeman standing there in his underwear, ready and waiting for your magic. But those are a small price to pay for all the fun you'll have deciding between a scarf and a golden chain. If only they had a Clint Eastwood Companion edition so I could dress them to match in a homage to Rain Man.

The above is my ensemble, which I'm fairly certain you'll see him sporting at the Golden Globes on Sunday. If he wins for his performance in Invictus, it'll be because the Hollywood Foreign Press was swayed at the last minute by his daring white shoes. It's a little known fact they can switch things up that quickly. Go forth and make your own creations. Post links to them in the comments if you dare, and see if we can sway his fashion choices this awards season.

[via IMDB]
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