Golden Games Drinking GameWhat's the best part of the Golden Globes? It's not the dresses, or the speeches, or the tributes ... or, frankly, which movies and actors actually win. Nope, for some of us, the best part of the Golden Globe Awards is the drinking.

Instead of being chained to theater seats like at the Oscars, celebs at the Globes sit around tables eating, imbibing, snarking and generally acting like boozed-up guests at a really fun wedding. This makes for a relaxed atmosphere and priceless awkward moments. (In fact, we're pretty sure that most of these Golden Globes memorable moments involved alcohol somehow.)

So why let the celebrities have all the fun? Take our Golden Globes drinking game while you're watching the show, and you're sure to be at least as trashed as Colin Farrell by the end of the night.

Disclaimer: We here at Moviefone do not condone drinking to excess. Kids, don't try this at home if you are under 21 or have some kind of liver problem. Please drink responsibly. And don't forget to have water.

The Golden Globes airs on NBC at 8PM ET / 5PM PT; check out our Golden Globes hub for real-time updates to our Globes winners list, live red carpet photos and much more.