After Dark's 4th annual Horrorfest doesn't start until the 29th of January, but that hasn't stopped the company from unveiling their plans to bring this year's line-up to DVD.

If you can't make it out to a theater to see this year's entries, breathe easy. Video ETA is reporting that the films will make their DVD debut as part of a box set on March 23rd. That's a really short turnaround time on the discs, but since the films only play theatrically for a week, I suppose it works out. I suspect knowing that the films will be on DVD so soon after the theatrical dates might convince some folks to just skip the theater entirely--but I wasn't a business or marketing major so what do I know?

The box set will retail for $159.98 and features Dread, Lake Mungo, The Graves, The Final, Zombies of Mass Destruction, The Reeds, Kill Theory, and Hidden. It seems a given that individual disc versions will also be available in that same time frame.

The fourth annual After Dark Horrorfest runs theatrically from January 29th through February 4th. You can learn more by checking out the official website.
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