The horrific images coming from Haiti after this week's devastating earthquake should give us all more than a moment's pause. Celebrities are rallying to the cause, led by singer Wyclef Jean, who has flown down to his native Haiti. There's talk of a telethon to benefit the victims, one that will draw the likes of George Clooney, Jamie Foxx, Ben Stiller, Susan Sarandon, and Leonardo DiCaprio.

We can all help. You can go to AOL's Network for Good, the White House website dedicated to relief, or you can just text message HAITI to 90999, and you will be donating $10 from your phone bill to the Red Cross.

Lee Daniels, the director of 'Precious,' which promises to be celebrated at this Sunday's Golden Globes awards, has already commented that movies seem unimportant in the shadow of such catastrophe. And although he's correct, media usually provides the filter through which we see worlds far away. You'd think that, with Hollywood's liberal reputation, there'd be a strong record of movies that deal with international humanitarian crises. Alas, you can count the number of good ones with one hand. And you can count the bad ones with the other hand.
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