Twihards will be happy to know that there is only 2 months and a few days to go until you can slip The Twilight Saga: New Moon into your Blu-ray and DVD players and enjoy all the wolfy action at home. However, it won't be as earlier reports suggest. Collider notes that while there's a bunch of goodies thrown on the release fans, the ten or so minutes of deleted footage that Chris Weitz mentioned back in November are nowhere to be seen, along with a complete lack of star commentary.

Did Summit hold the deleted scenes for future releases? Must be. I can't see a press release listing all the special features and not mentioning the deleted scenes, which are usually one of the most notable aspects to any DVD extras. But it shouldn't be too much of a loss. These aren't scenes totally cut from the feature, but rather elongated takes of what we've already seen on the big screen. But there's also the distinct absence of Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner on the commentary track. While Weitz thought they would be involved in November, the listed commentary only names Weitz and editor Peter Lambert -- not quite the same draw for Twi-hards, although it's sure to have more info than the chatty Twilight commentary held.

What will be on the special edition release? Along with the audio commentary, there's a six-part behind-the-scenes documentary, Muse rehearsal footage, three music videos, "and more!" Not very "special" at all, but somehow I don't think that will slow sales come March 20.