Married movie stars Paul Bettany and Jennifer Connelly have a short-hand to playing husband and wife Charles and Emma Darwin on the big screen in the new drama 'Creation,' taking some of those "Darwinisms" home with them.

Connelly says their spousal relationship at home is far removed from the real Mr. and Mrs. Darwin, but did reveal how some of their research bled into their home life. "We have very little in common with the Darwins I must say," Connelly told Moviefone. "We loved doing it to the extent we'd come home from work and talk about what we were doing because we're obsessive actors together about the movie. We didn't stay in character, although Paul was eating a lot of cheese all the time because he was really trying to feel a different body type than his own and I was obsessively working on the piano."

The actress needed to work especially hard on her fine-tuning her musical skills, given Emma Darwin was an accomplished pianist who even studied with Chopin. "I was often up late at night playing piano while he was reading science journals and eating cheese," Connelly said. "It was very romantic! "

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