I hope you didn't have your heart set on seeing Alexandre Aja's blood-filled Piranha 3D this April because, well, it's not happening. Not in April, at least. The LA Times is reporting that the ailing Weinstein Company has put the (already delayed) film back on ice with hopes to premiere it sometime in August. This being the Weinstein's, of course, I also wouldn't get your hopes too high that Aja's film will debut then, either, as they've yet to commit to an actual date.

The reason behind the move, according to TWC executive David Glaser, is not financial in nature; and we all know is basically code for "We could afford to put it out in April, honest, we just don't want to." They're citing the growing buzz for Matthew Vaughn's atypical superhero movie Kick-Ass as the motivation for the surrender retreat. In fairness, this is probably a wise move considering Kick-Ass - which up until yesterday shared the April 16th date with Piranha 3D - will definitely be going after the exact same target demographics as a 3D movie about body-part-loving, prehistoric super piranha. And if the early verdict on the former is anything to go on (it is), it's likely that Lionsgate's film would have handily gobbled up a lion's share of potential viewers.

Wise move or not, this news is still a bummer. High Tension and The Hills Have Eyes earned Aja enough credit in my bank to warrant watching any film with his name on it; and I love me some prehistoric super piranha, so it's unfortunate that the Weinstein Company has to play release date shuffle with Piranha 3D. At this point all we can do is hold out and hope that it doesn't end up going straight-to-video.
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