Yes, this Pitch of the Day was inspired by Dan Hopper's post at Best Week Ever about how "reboot" is the word of the year for 2010. But it's also connected to this week's new release The Book of Eli, which is the latest in a recent surge of movies about the apocalypse and/or its aftermath. Here's the tagline first: When the world is shut down, it's time for a ...


This post-apocalyptic movie crosses The Postman withBe Kind Rewind as it follows an old man's quest to reboot the entertainment industry after he finds the ruins of a Netflix distribution center. It's been decades since the "end of the world" and few survivors have seen a movie since everything went up in flames. The electricity grid was completely damaged during whatever caused the apocalypse, so the man, who was a child when the destruction happened, decides to travel the land with staged remakes (reboots) of film franchises he remembers from his youth.
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