Is Gabriele Albanesi's Italian horror film In the Mouth of Ubaldo Terzani more than just a Carpenter rip off? The film is currently in post-production and tells a similar story to the 1994 Lovecraftian flick, In the Mouth of Madness. Giuseppe Soleri stars as Alessio Rinaldi, a director who is overcome by a nightmarish obsession with nefarious horror novelist, Ubaldo Terzani, played by Paolo Sassanelli. Laura Gigante plays Sara, Alessio's girlfriend.

The best news about this movie is that Italian gore god, Sergio Stivaletti, is handling the special effects. He worked on Albanesi's last film, The Last House in the Woods, which was acquired by Lionsgate and Ghost House Underground, and released to DVD. In the past, Albanesi has been quite vocal about his feelings on what he believes is the over-intellectualization of contemporary Italian cinema. I have seen other blogs comparing Albanesi's work (or at least the look of it) to some of the great giallo films from the 70's. I'm too unfamiliar with Albanesi's filmography to see if these claims hold true but I'll check out Ubaldo Terzani out of curiosity. Judging from the stills recently released, it looks like the gore is there but he'll have to deliver more than that for me to make any giallo comparisons.

Shock Till You Drop has more stills on tap, including a pretty picture of a bloody bathtub.
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