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One of the brand new additions to the Sundance Film Festival this year that a lot of people will be keeping an eye on is their NEXT category, which features 8 films that were made for either very little money or no money at all. I dig the idea behind the category, and the fact that Sundance is trying to once again return to celebrating the true spirit of independent film, and I look forward to seeing what these scrappy little show dogs bring to the table.

One such film is called Bass Ackwards, and today Cinematical has its exclusive poster premiere. The film follows a dude whose life sorta falls apart to the point where he rents a van and decides to drive across country to go move back in with his parents. It's on this road trip, though, that he meets some people who help him find a reason to love life again. One of the cool things about Bass Ackwards is that they struck a very unique deal to make the film available via multiple platforms (digital, VOD, DVD) the day after the festival ends, on February 1st. So make sure you keep an eye out for it.

In the meantime, you can read more about Bass Ackwards in our Sundance Primer on the film, and you can check out the full poster by clicking the image below.