I have a soft spot for movies based on video games, much in the same way that I have a soft spot for most things that aren't good for me, like Asylum movies and Jack Daniels. For reasons I can't quite explain, I will watch anything in this niche. Yes, that includes Uwe Boll's staple "Let's just pay for the name so we can slap it on a generic action/horror hybrid" films (here's looking at you, Farcry) and the "so mediocre I can't turn away" adaptation of Dead or Alive.

So when a straight-to-video adaptation of the never-ending fighting franchise Tekken was announced, I kept a hopeful eye out for its emergence. But my hopeful eye is downright myopic compared to the all-seeing lighthouse that is Twitch Film. They spotted a trailer for the film at the UK DVD shop Play.com and I must say, it shaped up better than I expected (lame rock music aside).

I may have the aforementioned soft spot for movies like this, but predilection or not, Dwight Little looks to have dove in head first and had a blast in the process. They may not have had a deep budget or a wide pool of actors to play with, but these hardly look like crippling restraints. Judging from the trailer, Little completely embraced the limitations, opted to cast martial artists over actors, and in turn made a small scale action movie right out of the late '80s.

Plus, it seems he filled it with plenty of winks and nods to fans of Namco's classic fighting game. I'm not much of a Tekken fan myself, but even I still got a huge kick out of seeing a live-action Yoshimitsu preparing to fight. Check it out below.