This past week, Washington Bullets Wizards star Gilbert Arenas pleaded guilty to felony gun charges connected to a locker room incident where he allegedly brandished weapons in regards to coercing a fellow teammate to pay up his gambling debt. Before details of the incident broke out, Arenas stated that he brought his four guns to his locker so they would not fall into the hands of his children. Believe it or not but possession of a gun at an NBA facility is a violation of the league's collective-bargaining agreement. Amazing that such a thing had to be bargained, isn't it? As many have argued against Arenas' actions, guns have no spot in the workplace and if any of them had been caught with one in their desk or inside their coats they would likely be fired immediately. Arenas has been indefinitely suspended from the NBA by commissioner David Stern, primarily for making light of the situation on Twitter, in the press and on the court.

As Mr. Stern has no power here, let us take a look back on guns in the workplace as they relate to the cinema. We are not talking about professions where guns are a necessity like the military, law enforcement or action hero super spies. Nor are we considering serial killers, mobsters or those concealing them out of self defense. Nope, just the everyday, out-of-nowhere brandishing of guns on the job. Maybe Mr. Arenas can get a few chuckles out of it.
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