"We put the 'F' in art." So said one of the 200+ members of the Broadcast Film Critics Association to kick off their televised awards show last year. It was a year after a large portion of the voting body went on stage to announce No Country For Old Men as Best Picture and then remain on stage while the producers tried to give their speech. If the credibility of their voting group hadn't been strained by a quick perusal through their online roster, any last ounce had to be squeezed out forever if you watched their desperate attempts at humor and to acclamate themselves as some serious collection of cinephiles. One by one the normally hidden faces of these junketeers appeared, interspersed with one of the leading quote sluts in the business, Shawn Edwards, who kept coming back to announce one of the other Best Picture candidates as his favorite. When your go to guy for comic relief is that guy, it makes total sense how you could nominate The Proposal for Best Comedy of the year. That's what happens when the people behind In The Loop don't fly them anywhere.