At the 15th Annual Broadcast Film Critics Association Awards Kristin Chenoweth opened with a parody of the Nazi theater burning from Inglourious Basterds. Pledging that all the critics in the room were going to die, she asked them to look upon the face of the actress that was going to do it before launching into a Crystal-esque song working in as many film titles and celebrities as possible. Ken Jeong even popped out of a car trunk on stage.

Chenoweth is lovely but more often than not the response she was receiving from the audience (for fart jokes and multiple ones about her breasts) is the same minor local celebrities get when called in to be the entertainment for some business dinner. And that was before Tobey Maguire came out to remind everyone how they can help the devastated survivors of Haiti. Text Haiti To 90999 to donate $10 to the Red Cross.

For every positive event, like the tribute to John Hughes (very nicely edited), Jason Reitman honoring his father, Ivan, Kathryn Bigelow winning Best Director, Kevin Bacon being honored with the Joel Siegel Award for his work with or Sarah Silverman going off on another penis rant in front of all the nominated children in the audience, there were more than a few lowlights including: