French zombie film The Hordeis set to make its theatrical debut in France on February 10th, but apparently distributor Le Pacte isn't entirely happy with the finished project. Bloody-Disgusting is reporting that the company is currently re-editing the first ten minutes of Benjamin Rocher and Yannick Dahan's cops-robbers-and-zombies film.

No word on why this re-cut is happening or what the new opening might look like, but it's rarely a good thing when a movie has sequences being edited this close to its release date. The optimist in me wants to believe someone came up with a way to make this already awesome looking flick even cooler. The part of me who's been writing about movies for over a decade is screaming "this is a bad sign." I'm telling that half of me to shut up (no one likes him anyway) and hoping for the best.

The Horde finds a group of crooked French cops battling it out with some gangsters in a high rise apartment building when the zombie apocalypse occurs. The two warring factions are forced to set aside their differences and form an uneasy alliance in order to fight their new common enemy: the horde of undead monsters that have overtaken the building.

IFC has acquired the domestic distribution rights to the film. No word yet on when it will release here in America, but when it does it will receive a limited theatrical run and appear on the channel's Video On Demand service.
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