The Company Men
Three corporate executives (Ben Affleck, Tommy Lee Jones and Chris Cooper) suddenly find themselves jobless and reevaluating their lives. The trailer has no dialogue but presumably the performers (which also includes Kevin Costner) will sell this one. No release information yet.

The A-Team

We've finally got a trailer for the new feature version of the 80s TV series. Liam Neeson plays team leader Hannibal, a role created by George Peppard. The nostalgia factor is lost on me. To this day every time I hear the A-Team theme I get a compulsive urge to change the channel. The action scene near trailer's end is an eye catcher, but nothing else here does much for me. This one hits on June 11.

Terribly Happy

Danish film about a disgraced cop assigned to a remote town where strange things happen. On the surface this seems like a repurposed plot from Hot Fuzz, but there's more going on in this dark little thriller. The film is subtitled, so don't expect a large U.S. release, but it starts a limited run on February 5.