The Golden Globes are unveiled tonight, and no doubt everyone will be paying close attention to whatever wins "Best Picture," which is to say Best Drama, rather than Best Comedy or Musical. I have long been a proponent of awards bodies giving more attention to comedies, but the fact is that this attitude has remained unchanged since at least the beginning of the movies. Comedy has never been viewed as the opposite of drama, but rather as something beneath drama, something not as important or worthy, something not as lasting. Yet, as we all know, some of the most "important" dramas have faded away while the best comedies endure, creating laughter in new waves of viewers.

And so the Golden Globes have their two categories, five nominees for Best Drama and five nominees for Best Comedy or Musical. But if you look at the Best Director category, the nominees line up directly with the Drama category, which shows just where their allegiance is. (Directorial nominee Clint Eastwood is the only anomaly; his Invictus is not nominated in either Best Picture category.) Then if we look at the five films in the comedy category, they are, for the most part, the same films that were paraded in front of Academy voters, stamped with "For Your Consideration."
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