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11:00 pm - Goodnight everyone from Cinematical. Thank you for joining us. Your final scorecard - Avatar (2), Crazy Heart (2), Up (2), The Blind Side (1), The Hangover (1), Inglourious Basterds (1), Julie & Julia (1), Precious (1), Sherlock Holmes (1), Up In The AIr (1), The White Ribbon (1)

10:59 pm - Ricky Gervais gets in one more plug for a project - The Ricky Gervais Show on HBO Feb. 19. Every awards show in their right mind should want him to host.

10:58 pm - Cameron says they have "the best job in the world" and asks the crowd twice to give it up for themselves. When does Sexual Chocolate come out to play?

10:57 pm - Yes "thank you for believing in blue people." Meanwhile The Hurt Locker goes home empty-handed.

10:56 pm - AVATAR WINS!!! Jason Reitman looks less than pleased as he should be.

10:55 pm - Julia Roberts comes up to announce Best Motion Picture (Drama). This show as always is going to end on time. How do they do it?

Commercial break - Announcer says that "excitement is building amongst Avatar fans, but the competition is strong." Do Avatar fans really care if it wins a Golden Globe for Best Drama? Especially when its up against much better films. Except Precious, of course.

10:48 pm - "So glad I listened to you, dad." Should be a line from a movie. Nice tribute to his dad, Lloyd Bridges. He remembers Scott Cooper's name tonight. At the BFCA Awards he caught himself after saying "Chris Cooper." Wonderful speech. Globes give Best Actor (Drama) for the second year in a row to someone playing a down-and-out performer trying to put his life back together. Mickey Rourke for The Wrestler won last year.

10:48 pm - Bridges looks at ovation and says they are really playing up his underappreciated status. Nice line. Clearly he has heard a few of us.

10:47 pm - JEFF BRIDGES wins for Crazy Heart. May just be a career achievement award. But what a career. Good for him Look at that standing ovation!

10:46 pm - WE'RE BACK. The beautiful Kate Winslet comes out to present Best Actor (Drama). She announces Jeff Bridges as nominee. They cut to Leonardo DiCaprio.