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10:00 PM: Ooooh, Scorsese montage! This looks like a good time to just sit back, remember some awesome films, and throw the blogging over to Erik Childress!

9:56 PM: Ah, the Shutter Island pimpage, with Robert de Niro and Leonardo DeCaprio honoring Martin Scorsese. De Niro goes on way too long with weird, creepy, Scorsese-having-sex-with-films gag. DeCaprio's giant, round head floats over to the mike so Leo can recite the words on the teleprompter.

Commercial break -- oh lord, is Biggest Loser still on the air?

9:49 PM: Another painfully short bit with Ricky Gervais, then Halle Berry announces Best Actor - Motion Picture. Will it be Christoph Waltz? YES IT IS. Waltz struggles to describe the crazy genius of Tarantino, then weaves all the suits at Miramax, his co-workers and agents into his story. Nicely done. Calls Inglorious Basterds a "Big Bang of a movie." Gracious, clever, lovely speech.

9:47: Chloe Sevigny struggles to the stage swathed in 47 yards of Valentino-designed toilet tissue, makes a "sister-wives" joke, and dutifully thanks all the creators, etc. for her Big Love award.

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