Harmony and Me

The latest film from Bob Byington, Harmony and Me, had a five-night run in Austin this week after a very successful tour of film festivals. You may remember Bob Byington won the Stanley Kubrick Award for Bold and Innovative Filmmaking at Traverse City Film Festival last year, where Harmony and Me and his previous film, RSO [Registered Sex Offender] played. Harmony and Me is a very funny movie about a guy (Justin Rice) who is mourning his recent breakup with the fervor of a drama queen, while at the same time learning to integrate music more into his life. The cast also includes Kevin Corrigan, Alex Karpovsky and Nick Offerman.

One of Harmony's piano lessons occurs during his older brother's wedding reception, when the wedding singer teaches him to play one of his songs. The wedding singer is played by Austin musician Bob Schneider, and the song he teaches Harmony is the lovely "Changing Your Mind." The scene shifts from the wedding singer and Harmony playing the song to Schneider singing the song for the new bride. And that's where the humor comes in. The video below is only part of the scene, but you get the picture.
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