Oh, Corin Nemec. He soared to great heights with Parker Lewis Can't Lose, before quickly losing his tenuous grip on superstardom. But he never really went away on the big or small screen. We can't forget his classic Operation Dumbo Drop, Stargate SG-1, or National Lampoon's Robodoc -- a film he not only starred in, but also produced.

But back in the day -- the early '90s to be exact -- things were going well. He'd had a big role in Francis Ford Coppola's Tucker: The Man and His Dream, was starring in a hit teen show, and had fancy technology coming to chill in "At Home with Corky Nemec." This super-strange interview, which you can see after the jump, sees the actor show his living room, kitchen, and bedroom. But it's not just some simple, boring Q&A. This strange, older TV woman pops onto his television, wondering what he's doing. Then she jumps over to his hand-held TV device and he carries her around, showing her how he likes to make Gumby sandwiches (no, I'm not kidding), thinks he's unique by melting wax over a skull, and even keeps a Bob's Big Boy menu taped to his wall so he can "think about what I wanna have for dinner, and then think about what I'm gonna have for dinner."

I don't know where it aired, or how I missed this, but talk about '90s insanity. ...Then again, there's something sweet about a time when famous young people could be awkward with their plaid skidz and tiny ponytails, rather than all super-coiffed and adult like today. But really, who thought it would be a good idea for him to make and eat a Gumby sandwich?!