One of the big questions surrounding the Scream 4 sequel/reboot/whatever-you-want-to-call-it was whether Wes Craven would come back to the helm. Last we heard in October, the rumor mill said he was in. Now? Craven's involvement depends on which Arquette you talk to. At the Golden Globes red carpet, MTV hit up David Arquette and Courteney Cox with the big question. Seeming like he'd agree with everything to move on down the carpet, David said: "Yes, Wes is in; Neve is in; everyone is in." However, wife Courteney quickly back-tracked: "I know they're trying to make that work. They'll make it work ... I hope."

Month by month, everyone seems to think that Wes is going to sign on, but the confirmation never comes. When Neve Campbell said as much to MTV back in December, she also said production would start in April, so there's not much time left for Craven to make up his mind. According to his IMDb bio -- he almost turned down Scream, so this may just be jitters. However, he's already got My Soul to Take on the way, plus three more projects in development -- more than enough for a director who has only completed three completed films and one short in the last decade. On the other hand, what I remember most about Red Eye was how much the house and house scenes seemed like Scream. If that familiarity continues in his new features, maybe he should at least keep it within the right franchise.

What do you think? Should Craven bother? And if not him, who?
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