Following up on last week's releases, The Book of Eli continued to find more quotes from the peanut gallery of ad junkies.

"The Book Of Eli gets 2010 off to a spectacularly exciting start." - Pete Hammond
"Mila Kunis is a striking leading lady." - Jeffrey Lyons
"Denzel Washington is one cool dude, who is worth following anywhere." - Peter Travers

That's the General Motors, Ford and Chrysler of the quote game for you. Even the phantom Jeff Craig weighed in with a "powerhouse" and a "dynamite" in the ads. Truth is, the film isn't half-bad. Michael Phillips even said it was a "see it" on At The Movies this weekend. Looks like we both agree it is a decent recommendation of a film despite going against the grain of a 44% rating at Rotten Tomatoes. But neither of us, nor most even-minded film observers, would go so far as to call it "the perfect movie" or to say that "Denzel Washington has never been better" as you can see from the commercials last week. Hyperbole nearly at its worst.

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