It looks like Production Weekly spoke too soon about the upcoming feature Held By the Taliban -- the film that would translate David Rohde's experiences as a Taliban hostage in 2008-2009 to the big screen. They claimed that Kathryn Bigelow was attached to direct the film, but now The Hollywood Reporter posts that she is only one of the contenders for the directorial prize. The other: Terrence Malick.

But it's not so easy as two directors vying for the same gig. The project package that started this buzz is Stephen Belber adapting the New York Times' articles, with Kathleen Kennedy Frank Marshall producing. Malick, however, has something a little different in mind. He's expressed interest, but wants to act as producer and pitch his own take on the material. THR states: "At this juncture, it is unlikely that Malick's and Kennedy/Marshall's projects could coexist unless there were talks to bring the parties together."

It's a tough choice. On the one hand, it's hard to beat Malick, who has created a huge name for himself out of just 5 films (including double Oscar nominee The Thin Red Line). (Plus the upcoming film The Tree of Life.) On the other hand, this is Bigelow. She might have watched ex-hubby steal her prize at the Globes last night, but she's still the woman who obliterated the anti-Iraq War films sentiment and remains on the tip of many movie fans' tongues.

Who would you pick?
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