Confused about all the awards out there? Is the awards watch making you dizzy? Wondering who one Golden Globes last night?

Don't worry, Sci Fi Squad is here to help, including the four wins for science fiction themed films last night at the Golden Globes. With 15 major awards of varying mileage, there's a lot to track. And that's not even including the regional and critic associations (although the two press awards listed below qualify, they get international attention).

20 films/shows with science fiction themes have received nominations, with Star Trek, District 9, True Blue, Avatar, Lost and Up topping the lists (in that order). I am shocked Moon hasn't done as well as I'd hoped, but it did garner several early awards. Keep in mind the Oscars and the BAFTAs aren't officially announced yet, and the films currently listed are from the "long lists" which list the eligible films that the official nominations will be culled from.

The list below includes the nominations and the early awards given in December and early January that relate to science fiction themed films. Still, that's 21 productions all told, with 99 nominations to date, and 9 wins, with the two biggest organizations yet to announce nominations. That's not to mention the three awards to individuals.

Take a look, and tell us what you think; is science fiction becoming respectable? We'll keep updating this article during the awards season as the winners are announced.

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