I'm always saying "if there's one thing the world needs, it's more giallo films." Apparently, Cory Callahan heard me and took my lament to heart. He's shared a new short trailer for a project he's calling Yellow Future with our friends over at Quiet Earth (a great site if you're into post-apocalyptic cinema and other oddities) . Our very own Alison Nastasi scored exclusive plot details over at her Screamstress blog. Here's the breakdown from Callahan:

Yellow Future is a ten minute short film about a masked madman killing actresses in Los Angeles in 2112. The murderer believes he's a true artist and his preferred form of self expression just so happens to be murder. Meanwhile, Detective Davies will try to put an end to the killer's reign of terror once and for all. According to Callahan, the short will be playing festivals soon.

The clip is interesting--it's got everything you'd expect from your standard Italian thriller circa 1970 (gloved killers, freaky score, violent death, etc.) but it flips the script a bit by setting the tale in some distant future. This merging of sci-fi and giallo could either be a really interesting new take on the form or an epically bad idea. So far, I'm cool with it--news of this and Amer have me excited that we might be about to experience a giallo renaissance. Jump past the break to have a peek at the trailer and see what you think.

And if that's not enough murderous Italian mayhem for you, be sure to check out Alison's excellent There's Always Room For Giallo series here at Horror Squad.
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