Our pals over at STYD bring news of an old-school slasher re-issue that may pique your interest: Those cool dudes over at Code Red are putting the final touches on a new special edition for the 1982 "camp" slasher known as Madman. Right up there with The Burning and Sleepaway Camp as the guiltiest of 1980s hack 'em up pleasures, Madman has (as smartly noted by Shock) been in semi-heavy rotation over on IFC, and is probably worthy of a look should you dig this sort of thing. And since you're presently reading a site called Horror Squad, so I can only assume you are.

I wish I could say that Madman features early work from Jason Alexander (like The Burning) or Daryl Hannah (like The Final Terror), but nope. Not really. There is one legendary name in the cast: Ms. Gaylen Ross, best known for her fine work in George Romero's Dawn of the Dead. Word is that Code Red will retain some of the extras from the now-out-of-print Anchor Bay Madman disc, and they're also working on some new interviews of their own. At the very least it's another gory old slasher flick to cross off of your "there, now I've seen it" list. I certainly look forward to giving Madman Marz a fresh spin.

Fans of this era might want to check out the rest of Code Red's catalog. I'd start with Beyond the Door and Dead Pit.
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