YouTube user FortunaStoryteller is one seriously dedicated Avatar fan. She took it upon herself to translate "Colors of the Wind" from Disney's Pocahontas into Na'vi -- the fictional language spoken by the aliens of the same name from James Cameron's Avatar.

The language was originally developed for the film by linguist Paul Frommer, who plans on expanding its vocabulary in the same way that Star Trek fans have expanded Klingon. I'm not entirely sure how FortunaStoryteller was able to translate all of the words on her own, but it certainly sounds like authentic Na'vi -- a dialect that, to my ears, seems inspired in part by the languages of the Pacific Islands. FortunaStoryteller's voice is clear as a bell, and her song choice is inspired, considering Avatar's detractors have derided the film as ripping off elements of the environmentally-friendly Disney flick.

You can see the song in its entirety after the jump.
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