Bruce CampbellSome people out there will watch actor/filmmaker Bruce Campbell in just about anything; some are holding out until he shows up in a movie involving Sam Raimi, preferably Evil Dead 4; and a few know him only as the funny guy on Burn Notice. Those in the first category will be pleased to hear that Campbell has confirmed a follow-up to the 2008 film he directed, My Name is Bruce, in which he played an arrogant lout named Bruce Campbell who is recruited against his will to fight a small town's evil monster. I enjoyed the movie but noted in my review that it is unapologetically "an unsophisticated spoof of horror films and action heroes and fandom, about as subtle as a skeleton-finger jab to the eye."

In a short email sent to Ain't It Cool News yesterday, Campbell officially announced Bruce Vs Frankenstein, which will be a sequel to My Name is Bruce. As with the previous movie, the film distribution arm of Dark Horse Comics is producing. Campbell doesn't say whether he will be directing Bruce Vs. Frankenstein, or who is involved with the script -- this was the briefest of teaser announcements.

In an interview I did with Bruce Campbell when My Name is Bruce was released, he said how much he enjoyed directing the movie himself, especially with the Dark Horse producers, who weren't "breathing down his neck." So I suspect he'll direct Bruce Vs. Frankenstein too. In that interview, Campbell mentioned a possible sequel where "we'll do My Name is Still Bruce -- we have an Ugly American version of that where Bruce goes to Europe and battles a succubus." It sounds like they've decided to try something different -- and will be shooting in Oregon again, where Campbell lives, which he probably prefers.
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