Cult icon and genre legend Bruce Campbell is back in the news with an announcement for his latest project (and no, it's not Evil Dead 4, although Sam Raimi's schedule is a lot more open today than it was a few weeks ago...). Bruce tells AICN that he's ready to work on the sequel to his cult hit My Name is Bruce. This time out, Campbell's not fighting an undead Chinese warlord, but instead a more classic monster: Frankenstein.

No word on why they changed the title (I thought My Name is Still Bruce was funnier), but Campbell states in the press release that principal shooting will begin this coming fall in Oregon. No word on how the plot might shake out, but c'mon--it's Bruce Campbell. Expect lots of silly slapstick, groan-inducing jokes, and Bruce being Bruce. That's usually a winning formula.

Head over to AICN to read the official press release. We'll keep an eye on this one and bring you more as it develops.
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