I think we are all pretty sick of video game movies these days, and whether this is because most of them suck, I couldn't tell you. But like it or not, there is a never ending supply of lazy executives who look no further than their home console for inspiration. But that is a rant best left for another time, because today's Cinematical Seven is all about the movies that aren't based on video games, nope, these are movies all about the cult of gaming.

If you watch enough movies centered on the world of video games you start to notice that a theme emerges: the desire and the peril of getting trapped in your favorite game. Granted it's a theme that isn't much of a leap considering that since the dawn of the gamer, there have been worried parents, teachers, and clergy convinced that those pixels are the work of the devil, and what better place for a cautionary tale than the movies? But, it's not all doom and gloom and there are also stories of how a gamer can save the world -- there really is something for everyone at the movies.

After the jump are seven movies that delve into the pros and cons of gaming...
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