Brad PittSometimes the briefest cameos from instantly recognizable celebrities provide the funniest punchlines. Take for example the scene that takes place on the set of The Dating Game in George Clooney's directorial debut from 2002, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind. The camera pans to Bachelor #1, shaggy-haired and wearing appropriately groovy clothes, and ... wait, wasn't that Brad Pitt! That had to be Brad Pitt. Just as your brain is processing this, here's Bachelor #2 ... okay, this has to be Matt Damon, so that really must have been Brad Pitt back there. And then Bachelor #3 ... well, watch the clip below to get the full effect.

An IFC article about Matt Damon's cameos in various films gives us a little more information about J. Todd Anderson, aka Bachelor #3. He's a storyboard artist who had worked on O Brother Where Art Thou, which Clooney co-starred in -- in fact he seems to be the Coen brothers go-to storyboard artist on films from Raising Arizona to Burn After Reading. He worked on storyboards for Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, but apparently Clooney decided he would also be a perfect fit for the small role up against Pitt and Damon. The two better-known actors had co-starred with Clooney the previous year in Ocean's Eleven. The clip below is less than 40 seconds long, but a very funny use of cameos, without going over the top.

P.S. I hadn't realized that the boyhood Chuck Barris in this 2002 film is played by Michael Cera. I may have to watch the whole movie again -- Sam Rockwell is wonderful as the grown-up Barris, and Clooney gave himself a fun supporting role, too.

P.P.S. This post was in honor of the news that Pitt and Damon will be re-teaming to lend their voices to Happy Feet 2.
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