If you're familiar with my giallo column, then I probably don't need to tell you how ridiculously excited I am for the French neo-giallo film, Amer. Director team Bruno Forzani and Helene Cattet had a successful festival run, winning five awards, and are releasing three clips from the film for French TV to promote the theatrical release. The first clip was premiered exclusively by Bloody-Disgusting and you can watch it here after the jump. I'm desperate to find out more about a US theatrical date but that info seems to be hiding as soundly as the killer in Amer's clip.

Stylistic associations between Amer and the Italian thrillers of the 70's are obvious so far: lurid lighting, a nefarious black-gloved figure, wicked score and intense cuts focusing on the eyes. This particular clip is reminiscent of a wonderful scene in Dario Argento's Suspiria, which is sadly being remade by David Gordon Green and set to start shooting this year. In Argento's film, a young American ballet dancer, Suzy Banyon (Jessica Harper), arrives at a prestigious European dance academy and eventually discovers that the school is merely a front for something far more sinister. Suzy befriends fellow dancer Sara (Stefania Casini) who becomes hunted by a killer. Sara tries to escape and locks herself in a room and is tormented by the slow reveal of a gleaming knife blade through the crack in the door as it methodically toys with the latch to open it. The scene is slow, deliberate and terrifying--only to be followed by Sara escaping the room through a small window and landing in a mass of razor wire. The film teeters on dream and reality and it looks like Amer may be following suit. If a creepy, taxidermied paw-like thing reaching through a door to open it doesn't jostle you, then you have no soul.

Click on to read the film's description and watch the trailer.
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