Steven C. BarberA filmmaker plans to make a documentary to prove that a Colorado father is innocent of the charges against him. Richard Heene, better known as "Balloon Boy Dad," began serving his jail sentence last week after he "pleaded guilty in November to a felony count of attempting to influence a public servant," as reported by CNN. Heene claimed in October that his son was floating over Colorado in a runaway balloon, inciting a riot of media coverage. The boy was actually safe at home the whole time, and said in an interview about his parents: "You guys said we did this for the show."

Steven C. Barber told The Associated Press that he believes Heene "really thought" his son was in the balloon and is planning a documentary, Balloon Boy: Guilty Until Proven Innocent, to prove his point. Barber appeared briefly on Access Hollywood soon after the incident to defend his longtime friend Heene, and then posted the clip on YouTube. The photo is from Barber's blog, Stevie Hollywood, which claims: "Living in West Angeles [?], Steven doesn't walk out his front door without bumping into a celebrity. ... This steel-grey-eyed stud holds the world record for appearing on more reality shows than anyone else!!!"

Barber has completed two documentaries so far, Return to Tarawa: The Leon Cooper Story, about a World War II veteran, and Unbeaten, about a wheelchair race in Alaska. He told the AP that his investors lost a total of $200,000 on the two films and he doubts he'll make any money on his Balloon Boy doc. Good luck raising the money to make your film, Mr. Barber! Anyone out there have any interest in hearing more from anyone about this case?

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