When I first heard that SNL was going to try to turn their MacGruber sketch into a feature film, I (like most of you, probably) let out one of those "Here comes another SNL stinker" sighs. Fortunately, I'm here today to tell you that the film itself -- which just released a red-band trailer -- looks bloody effin' hilarious. Sure, this film won't be for everyone -- and I'm positive some of you will think it looks like absolute crap - but this sucker has "cult comedy" written all over it. I mean, c'mon -- Val Kilmer plays a dude named Dieter Von Cunth! That right there should earn you $85 million at the box office!

As far as plot goes, MacGruber is assigned to track down a villain who has a nuclear weapon ... blah blah blah. Look, this isn't the kind of film where plot really comes into play -- it's more about that over-the-top 80's action cheese factor, which is overflowing in this trailer. And, to be honest with you, I'm anticipating this movie now a lot more than I am The A-Team, which also looks to be targeting a certain amount of 80's cheese, but at the same time seems to be struggling with tone (at least based on what I've seen). And as further evidence, MacGruber's "running from an explosion" image is so much cooler than The A-Team's "running from an explosion" image. Compare the two after the jump.

Watch the trailer over here, and let us know what you think. MacGruber hits theaters on April 23rd.