Jonathan Levine's slasher throwback film All the Boys Love Mandy Lane kind of got shafted in the release department. Back in 2006 The Weinstein Company plucked it from the festival scene, where it promptly sat on a shelf as most Weinstein acquisitions tend to do. A little later, TWC decided to dust off Mandy Lane and sell distribution rights to Senator Entertainment. Senator, not knowing how to mass market a film with too many unknown, fresh faces, kept shuffling the film's US release all over the place until it finally landed in the unreleased ether.

That's a pity, because Mandy Lane is a sturdy, enjoyable call back to the Dead Teenager Movie that runs circles around most Dead Teenager Movies that wind up getting released on the big screen. However, the unreleased state of the movie wasn't too much of a negative boon for star Amber Heard, whose hotness got her cast as...the hottie in the mediocre Stepfather remake, nor was it much of a setback for director Jonathan Levine, as his festival-friendly follow-up film, The Wackness, garnered him a name in the film world. And now that name is attached to two new projects.

One is a comedy starring James McAvoy and Seth Rogen called I'm With Cancer and the other, according to The Playlist, is a zombie film called Warm Bodies. Their source says the project is set up at Summit Entertainment and will be both written and directed by Levine and based off of a yet-to-be-published book by Issaic Marion described as "a darkly comic, existential zombie romance set at the end of the world".

That's about all the official word we have to go off of right now, though you can check out a book trailer for Marion's Warm Bodies below.
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