As Marvel Studios ramps up production on Thor and puts the finishing touches on Iron Man 2 -- all for the purpose of an eventual Avengers film -- Marvel Comics is canceling all four of its monthly Avengers titles.

The monthly books, New Avengers, Mighty Avengers, Dark Avengers, and Avengers: The Initiative, will all cease publication in April 2010 at the end of Marvel's multi-part Siege crossover. Siege is the culmination of several years' worth of stories from writer Brian Michael Bendis that sees the villains of the Marvel Universe (including Dr. Doom, Loki, and Norman Osborn) forming an alliance to manipulate the Avengers into invading Asgard.

One would assume, based on Marvel's publishing history, that they're streamlining the brand down to one single Avengers title after April and starting fresh with a new issue one. As a matter of fact, it wouldn't surprise me in the least if that new title featured Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America front-and-center as the core of the team, to make the book more recognizable to the general public. There's no word yet from Marvel on what their post-Siege plans are for the Avengers, but I wouldn't dare count the team out for good.

(via IGN)

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