How do you take revenge on a little low-budget horror film that surprisingly beat your own big-deal horror franchise entry at the box office? You sign on to direct the sequel to that sleeper hit, obviously. This almost seems to be what editor-turned-director Kevin Greutert is doing, as The Hollywood Reporter has announced he's Paramount's choice to helm Paranormal Activity 2. Greutert has long been a part of the Saw franchise, serving as editor on parts one through five and director of last fall's Saw VI, which disappointingly debuted at #2 on the box office charts behind the first Paranormal Activity. Somewhat ironically he has been hired for a movie set to compete with the next Saw this October.

Some fans of the minimal scares of Paranormal Activity might see Greutert's move as being pro-Saw since he'll presumably soil the Paranormal Activity name with a sequel expected to be as cash-grab-crappy as Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2. Yet Paranormal Activity 2, which will have a different title -- or at least a subtitle -- upon release, does have some potential to be better than that misguided sequel. Paramount will reportedly keep the budget low, as part of its micro-budget initiative, and original Paranormal Activity director Oren Peli will be overseeing production on the follow-up with promise that fans won't be disappointed.
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