Today's pitch is more of a request for a greenlight. Jack Finney's illustrated novel Time and Again has been slated for the screen ever since the book was published 40 years ago, but I can't find any news on its development since 2002, when the long-attached Robert Redford had reportedly gotten Kenneth Lonergan to script the film version. Eight years later I've read the book and become a fan, and like many other of its fans I'd love to see someone finally get moving on...

Time and Again

The book is about an artist recruited for a government experiment in time travel, in which the man is sent back to the Manhattan of 1882, where he falls in love while investigating the mysterious circumstances behind a suicide. It's somewhat a cross between 12 Monkeysand Gangs of New York (which was co-written by Lonergan) and involves a mix of romance and historical tragedy that might also lump it in with Titanic. Another more obvious film connection is with Somewhere in Time, which features a character named for Finney (who also wrote the basis for all the Body Snatchersmovies).
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