Perhaps Kate Beckinsale is the most powerful superchick of them all, lounging in Antarctica without the slightest winter weathering, fighting off the area's first killer. Or, Whiteout is just a lazy movie not worth your time. As Peter Hall said in his review: "Whiteout is the film equivalent of a PC point-and-click adventure game from the '90s." Skip it.

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Games stop being purely fictional adventures in this action flick from Crank creators Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor. The game controls death row inmates who have a barely-there chance of surviving and earning their freedom. No one ever has ... but Gerard Butler is close. "Gamer is at times striking, and at others silly, and and yet at others sickening, but never too stupid, at least not compared to so much else flash and pop peddled to the masses these days," says William Goss. Rent it.

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The Invention of Lying
Ricky Gervais jumps into the directorial chair while also throwing himself into a world free of lies, and just what happens when he creates the first one, becomes the world's first religious figure, and tries to get the love of the girl? In his review, Eric Snider wrote: "Apart from that and what feels like a rushed finale, however, The Invention of Lying is a satisfying comedy with a fair number of solid laughs. Its strange concept and storyline make it something of a curiosity, too: you can have fun thinking about it even after it's over. Honest." Rent it.

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