If there's one show that I think is safe in its Britishness -- one that could never be tainted by the neverending rush of U.S. remakes -- it's Doctor Who. In fact, when I first heard about this latest news blip about Torchwood, I thought: "At least it's not Doctor Who." Oh, my naivete...

The Hollywood Reporter'sLive Feed is reporting that Fox is developing a U.S. version of Torchwood, and buried at the bottom of the piece, they also state that Jane Tranter of BBC U.S. "might try to reboot Doctor Who for U.S. audiences." I'll ignore that last bit for now, as "might" seems like a way for Tranter to test the waters on how fans out react to an American Who, rather than actually planning to do it yet.

Torchwood on Fox... Where to begin? Should I discuss the lousy track record Fox has with these sorts of things? How a remake would be as doomed as Dollhouse? Should I cover the fact U.S. studios would never stomach the advanced opinions on sex and gender? Rue about how bland it would become? How cookie cutter? How decidedly unWho, unHarkness?
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