Best of the New Releases:
I was not expecting to like Pandorum. I presumed it would be just another generic sci-fi/horror hybrid with Paul W.S. Anderson's name attached as a producer. Thankfully, it is not. Pandorum is actually a surprisingly effective, worthy entrant to the arena of films about space madness. Dennis Quaid kind of dominated the trailers, but the real star is Ben Foster, a gent I wish I saw in more leading roles, as a man who wakes aboard a massive, barren spaceship wondering where all the crew and passengers have gone.

It's got a lot of enigma to it, and while parts of the ending may not be as unforeseen as director Christian Alvert may have wanted, it still goes out on an impressive bang. Good production design avoids feeling like other claustrophobic spaceship movies where people keep running down narrow corridors; though the creature design is a little reminiscent of the Reavers from Serenity. Still, it's an entertaining, above-average genre hybrid that should satisfy those who typically like such things.
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