When the dust settles on Marvel's movie universe, who will be the ultimate winner? I think it might just be Clark Gregg. The quiet Agent Coulson was just an afterthought to many Iron Man moviegoers (and a big wink-wink to Marvel fans), but now he's becoming the key to the entire universe. Variety reports that he's set to follow-up his Iron Man 2 appearance with one in Thor. Naturally, it's all leading to The Avengers, which Thor inadvertently helped assemble thanks to being unable to handle Loki all by his lonesome.

Those whose glory has never been denied can have fun speculating on how Agent Coulson and SHIELD get wind of a blond thunder god hanging around the mortal plane. Will he pop up continuously through the movie trying to get Thor to set a meeting, or demand to know why he hasn't responded to his phone calls? Or will he just show up at the end, and hand him his card? All we know for sure is that Gregg has landed one of the sweetest gigs in franchise history because he just has to show up.

Rumors are also rampant that Tony Stark might make an appearance in Thor. The sharp-eyed couldn't help but notice that Robert Downey Jr. was sporting the Tony Stark goatee* at the Golden Globes. Did he just want to remind everyone what was coming in May 2010? Is it for re-shoots? A Thor cameo? Or both? No one knows, but this is the trivia that we have to fill the winter and spring months with.

[*A shout-out to CHUD for the creative bit of out-loud thinking there -- which I'm shamelessly ripping off.]

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