Up above you can see a peek at artist Young Kim's graphic novel version of Bella Swan, otherwise known as the girl who bites her lip and yearns for Edward's beauty in The Twilight Saga. Since the sparkly vamp marketing machine is in no way slowing down, that means heating up the panels with sexless sexual angst. Entertainment Weekly has scored a peek at the graphic novel's cover and a panel that details Bella and Edward's prophase science class (part of a larger insert that will be available in the magazine on Friday). They're pretty impressed with how faithful an adaptation it is (no surprise considering how protective Stephenie Meyer is of her work, and she "tinkered" with this), and how the pair appear on the page in comparison to Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson.

Me, I always feel like somethings missing when graphic novels are made about popular films, television, or books, and this is no exception. They always seem more like sketched outlines (missing the prose that lures you in or mannerisms on the screen that engage you) in contrast to the original graphic novel offerings that hold a lot of magic between the pages (Watchmen, Scott Pilgrim, or the many superheroes born from comics). But maybe that's just me.

Regardless, this new series -- which hits stands on March 16 -- is sure to be swept up by Meyers' horde of fans. And as bleh as my reaction is to this incarnation, I am itching to see how they handle Breaking Dawn. How about you, Twihards? Are you eager for the graphic novel?