There's surprising -- and dare I say it, awesome -- news in Brontë land! John Maybury was tapped to helm Wuthering Heightsa year ago, and he left last summer after Natalie Portman danced in and out of the production. Then Peter Webber came along in December, just to leave a month later and make way for this great nugget of news -- Variety reports that Andrea Arnold is the new director.

Yes, the woman behind the achingly chilling Red Road, who is currently making waves with her latest feature, Fish Tank. This is the first feature that she hasn't written, and more importantly -- her first classic and period piece. But it might not be so surprising once you learn that it's something of a passion project. Producer Robert Bernstein says: "Andrea has previously said that the only book she would ever depict would be Wuthering Heights because of the passionate, impossible love story at its center and its elements of class divide. It's a very lucky coincidence for us that we've found each other."

With Arnold, the production could begin as early as this spring, from Olivia Hetreed's script. However, there's still the matter of the stars. Along with Portman, Abbie Cornish and Gemma Arterton have circled the project, but none have stuck and Cathy remains up in the air. I wonder, however, if Arnold's involvement means good things for Heathcliff. As Elisabeth noted last year, Michael Fassbender was part of the rumor mill, and being the star of Fish Tank, this might just make that rumor a reality.

Who would you choose?
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