Welcome to Captain's Log -- your round-up of sci-fi randomness from around the web. Here's what's happening:

Could Joss Whedon have a new show in the works? Matt Roush at TVGuide reports of an upcoming meeting. (This time, not with Eliza.)

The Hollywood Reporter posts that Jonathan Levinson will tackle zombie flick Warm Bodies. Let's hope these zombies are quicker than the Mandy Lane distributors.

Holy poked eyes, Batman! Gizmodo finds a batumbrella.

But an even better geeky adornment is Mystery Science Theater in eyeglass form at Geekologie.

shares a peek at the dry ice-covered dunes of Mars.

Diego-san, the humanoid one-year-old with the gargantuan head. [BoingBoing]

As The Los Angeles Times shares, Versace gives his fashion take on Tron.

And finally, the web is buzzing with new Star Wars opening text. [Awesomer]
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