Taking inspiration from Topps' orginal The Empire Strikes Back bubble-gum cards, Restraining Bolt has created a virtual sticker generator featuring scenes from the classic film. I was never a die-hard card collector, but, even as a kid, I rarely peeled the stickers off of their backing. This site is perfect for those that have always wanted to spell their name out with droids and bounty hunters.

And, yes, I had a box of original Empire Strikes Back cards when I was a tyke. I didn't save a single one of them over the years, but my cousin did -- finding his original full set in an empty Folger's can just a couple of years ago. It was very cool to go back through them all. My Empire cards are somewhere up in Card Heaven now, looking down on me along with my lost Alf, Batman ('89), and Little Shop of Horrors cards.

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