We're one sleep away from the start of Sundance Twenty Ten!

If you're the kind of movie reader who likes to casually peruse casting and attachment news on the more mainstream front, you probably think of Sundance as the unavoidable time of the year when Hollywood news takes a backseat to non-stop coverage of movies you've never heard of. But just because you have yet to hear about them does not mean that the films that play the Indie fest are unworthy of being talked about. So please, dear reader, in the coming weeks don't fear all the posts tagged Sundance10 as our coverage kicks off tomorrow. We'll still have plenty of non-fest writing to go around ... but if the below Sundance Primers are any indication, there will be plenty of gold mined in Park City Utah this year.

Cinematical Editor-in-Chief Erik Davis has been putting together these excellent primers for weeks now. I don't know how much pre-fest time he has already devoted to covering Sundance, but I've taken advantage of all of his hard work reaching out to filmmakers and studios to assemble these primers and culled them together into a quick, all-in-one-place guide. Thanks for doing the hard work and letting me piggyback off the best bits, Erik!