This lovely lot here at the 'matical (editorial note: we don't call it that) is in the middle of cooking up an extensive feature involving our favorite geeky and nerdy characters of filmdom, and although we've already got a considerable list assembled, we'd like your help in suggesting some characters that we may have overlooked.

Now, the only flat-out exception we've come up with so far is Peter Parker, because he turns into Spider-Man, which in turn trumps all of his dweebier qualities (besides, we already gave superheroes their due). He's not a hero for embracing his nerdiness, which is exactly what we are looking for in a character of this caliber.

But beyond your Anthony Michael Halls and your Napoleon Dynamites, your Max Fischers and George McFlys, which bully magnets are you most partial to? Help a brother or two out on this, please, or else... the wedgie terrorists win.
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