If Fringe producer J.J. Abrams had his way, he'd lock down a clear end date for Fox' sole remaining sci-fi property. A report from Slice of Sci-Fi relays Abrams acknowledgment that setting the end date for Lost completely revitalized the series and that Fringe may soon need a similar wake-up call. In his own words, "I do think that at a certain point it would be a really smart thing to start to say, 'OK, let's figure out ... what the actual date is so we sort of know ... how far we should push things.'"

Unfortunately for fans, however, that call isn't up to Abrams; the slipping ratings performance of Fringe means that Fox might cancel the series before the creative team can even make that decision. The reason the end date worked so well for Lost is because that crazy island was making ABC money hand over fist and the network essentially said 'We'd prefer the show be on the air forever, but we'll take as many seasons as you can give us.' Fringe doesn't have that luxury.

On a more positive note, Abrams does remain positive about the chances of a third season renewal, but his response is a little reticent to dream the show can go on for as long as the writers can.

"And then there are other things that ... we've talked about doing- ... her stepfather story-that ... we're putting off. So I feel there's a lot of ... opportunity for where we're going beyond this season, and I'm going to be bullish and optimistic about that. And I feel like we have a long way to go still, but I think ... that the show ... has sort of found a kind of rhythm that is nice to see, ... and I'm really proud of what we're doing with it."
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